Ancientmoz Ltd gives an opportunity for talented people who would like start a career in the fashion industry. So if you based in UK and have any technique related to the industry or/and online Stores, do not hesitate to email us your CV with a cover litter to:

Music and Arts

Ancientmoz Ltd opens doors to people who are talent in music and fashion art but have not had a good chance to present their work. Our company is inspired by Ancient, Renaissance and Modern arts in music, act, drawing and so on. We encourage those people to work with us in projects which they can benefit and show the world their skils.

Modeling Art

Modelling plays massive part of our industry so we would like to introduce models who want stand out. We selecting different Models daily. Ancient Moz’s motion is create diversity models from any background. In Addition, we pursue competition programs which will be showing on our youtube channel to select our models.