About us


Ancientmoz is a British fashion company with an Egyptian flavour. Our expert designs are dreamed in our Headquarters with an inspiration of the Ancient arts in our prints and logo. Our logo is an ancient symbol means life (Life Key).
High end products require close attention to detail and years of expert knowledge. That is why we employ the best seamstresses to ensure that every single thread is perfect!
We care about our products and that is also why we have made it our mission to know exactly where are materials come from.
The same way that our customers invest in us by buying our products, we invest in them. Quality is our assured return to you!
We take an active role in being part of every aspect of the creation process; from planting and picking the cotton in our farms, to the drawing board, the production line and then to the packaging and delivery of you luxurious goods!
Our products are tried and tested, they undergo scrutiny at every stage until they are perfect.
Our promise to you….. 
We will keep on developing and improving products at every opportunity. AncientMoz will remain true to its customers by bringing them the worlds finest Egyptian cotton at an unbeatable cost which is truly representative of the quality.
We want our costumers to feel satisfied that the product they have bought matches up to their expectations and we guarantee to deliver this.